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Agarkova Yulia 

Agarkova Yulia
Public debt analysis in selected countries: Greece, Spain and Portugal
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This bachelor thesis aims to make analysis and comparison of public debt in Greece, Spain and Portugal. Also, identify reasons of indebtedness and make my own conclusion about country that has the worst public debt situation. Public debt it is accumulation of deficits during particular period of time. Deficit occurs when government is not able to balance its revenue and expenditure. In my theoretical part I provide and explain economic theory concerning all public debt elements. Moreover, I write about government expenditure, their types and efficiency. Write about revenue and possible sources of government financing. I mention crowding out effect and Ricardian equivalence theory. Provide aspects of good and bad debt. In my analytical part I use different set of statistical and historical data. With help of various methods of analysis I represent public debt characteristics of countries. On a basis of my analysis I compare these 3 countries, make my own conclusion that satisfies the goal of thesis. Government debt plays an important role in macroeconomic system of each county. Government may face different sizes of debt due to various reasons. However, there is no any state that has not face government debt in particular period of time. During period of examination you can find solutions for various cases and problems. That is why it is educational and interesting to learn more about debt, analyze different situations, try to compare them and make a conclusion.
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