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Mašek Roman 

Mašek Roman
Object-oriented and Functional Programming in JavaScript
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JavaScript is an interesting language. It runs on almost any platform. It has some very powerful parts and several really poor ones. It is often viewed by programmers as an inferior scripting language suitable only for simple UI-oriented tasks and yet there is a large community of JavaScript developers using this language to solve non-trivial problems.
The main goal of this thesis is to show you that you can develop complex programs with JavaScript. It is going to focus on the strong parts of the language - namely its support for object-oriented and functional programming. I’m going to describe several object-oriented techniques in JavaScript and I’ll mention a few functional aspects of the language as well. I&ll also show you common pitfalls of the language and how they are addressed in the most recent
specification of the language - ECMAScript 5.1.
In order to demonstrate some of the techniques described in this thesis, I'm going to create a simple UML editor. The main goal of this tool is to provide you with a simple wiki-like interface which will allow you to create and edit diagrams quickly. It will support class and use-case diagrams. In addition it will be able to generate class diagrams based on live JavaScript code using reflection.
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