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Bekmirzaeva Kamilla 

Bekmirzaeva Kamilla
Podmínky podnikání pro malé a střední podniky: Přirovnání České republiky a v Uzbekistánu
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The paper primarily focuses on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), both in Czech Republic and Uzbekistan. It emphasizes the importance of SMEs and its role in the growth of economy of both countries. The research on this paper shows contributions the government does for development of SME’s. Further paper describes the processes of doing business in both countries, by comparing regulations, legal procedures and other aspects related with running a business. The paper gives clear picture small and medium business opportunities for both countries. The theory is supported by the practical part where the case of a real firm established in Uzbekistan (Ideal Vostok Ltd.) and its business environment is analyzed. The main goal of this paper is to describe what the SME’s are, describe the environment for running a business in both regions, and the ease of doing small and medium sized businesses, by comparing aspects related to this.