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Ntamahungiro Wilbard Alice 

Ntamahungiro Wilbard Alice
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I want to study and compare the managerial profiles in the world but also specifically focus on Tanzania(where I come from) and Czech Republic (where I live). They are two completely different environments but yet need to reach a maximum potential in terms of management. I will use the books below, and also my knowledge of the professional fields I have had an opportunity to take part in terms of business field to acheive the goals of this thesis.
On the other hand I will focus on the comparison of leadership across the world, how to use some leadership practises in the Czech Republic and Tanzania, and how to use international leadership which are not yeat practised in both countries. Also, a glimpse of comparison between the ethic and cultural differences that affect leadership in these two countries, the organization performance in diverse and multicultural environment as well as comparison of international leadership skills and finally the limitations (advantages and disadvantages) of creating a winning or successful team.