ÚVOD / Bakalářské práce / 2010 / Mikhaylova Irina

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Mikhaylova Irina 

Mikhaylova Irina
Ekonomické nástroje Nové ekonomické politiky v zemědělství, průmyslu a financí
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This Bachelor thesis will focused on the economic mechanisms during the post-revolutionary period of Russia, which followed closely World War I, from 1921 to 1927. It is an excursion to the era when due to the war the economy lay in ruins, and the communist government had to find ways to restore the destroyed industry and agriculture alongside with economic relations.
The Bachelor thesis aims to answer the question how the communist government led by Lenin tried to restore the lost economic potential, what economic instruments were used to that end and how efficient they were in those socio-political conditions.
The bachelor thesis draws on authentic texts by Lenin and collections of directives of the Soviet government on economic issues, and works by Soviet historians and modern Russian and foreign analysts, historians and economists.