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Miler David 

Miler David
Multiplayer mód v počítačových hrách
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The bachelor thesis will cover the topic of multiplayer modes in computer games. The goal is to analyze different approaches in various multiplayer modes in computer games and to describe their respective strengths and weaknesses as well as provide an overview of their architecture and implementation.
The practical section will extend an existing team project codenamed Sublockus. Sublockus is a single-player computer game of the platformer genre played in 2 dimensions including a large set of RPG elements and an automatically generated environment. The source code is written in the C# language, using the .NET framework, especially its XNA libraries.
The concrete aim is to analyze options for implementing a multiplayer mode into this game, design an appropriate solution and implement it. Furthermore, benchmarking of the implemented solution will be designed, run and analyzed.
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