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Lisunov Arsenii 

Arsenii Lisunov
Procedurální generování 2D herních prostředí pro platformu Android
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This thesis is dedicated to a so called procedural generation in game design. It covers few most important milestones of development in this sphere. In the central part of the thesis sample procedural generation library is described. Programmer’s guide for it is provided afterwards. Key solutions for such engines are emphasized to help developers who might want to base their own program or paper on this thesis. The goal of the practical part was to create an engine for two-dimensional procedural level generation for platform type games for Android mobile OS, provide a UML specification of the engine structure and components, as well as a programmer's guide, then highlight, what interesting approaches are used in the procedural level generation and suggest possible ways of its further extension. The demo level is introduced to demonstrate the functionality of the engine by creating a working sample level made with the use of the procedural generation library. The level is just enough complex to demonstrate basic abilities of the procedural level generation engine, since the engine, not its usage is the main topic of this paper.
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