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Cink Jakub 

Cink Jakub
Effects of Brexit on companies and economy, strategies of companies for Brexit
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The main goal of my bachelor thesis is to map situation about phenomenon of last months called Brexit and bring some prognosis for future development of this phenomenon. United Kingdom is the first country which decided to leave European Union and therefore there is a lot of things which will arise with it. Brexit has many different effects in various fields. I am going to cover only fields which are related to my field of studies. My field of studies is Economics and Management, therefore I am going to try to avoid information about politics and social aspects as much as it will be possible, but anyway sustain overall understandable context. My bachelor thesis is going to cover several parts. Now I would like to mention some of them. First of all, I am going to bring important information about Brexit and related things in theoretical part. This part is going to serve as the information base for the following practical part, which is going to extend my work with future outlooks and prognosis. In practical part I would deal with topics like: probable future effects of Brexit on Economy of UK and European union countries, how Brexit affects certain industry or industries, how company or companies are planning their strategies for Brexit time period. Parts which were mentioned are going bring sense of overall look and also close look in some fields on phenomenon Brexit.
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