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Grishchenin Leonid  

Grishchenin Leonid
Monetization Strategies in Video Games: What Factors Affect the Choise of One and How They Affect Games
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First, this thesis outlines the most common ways of how video game developers and publishers get profit from their games. Then, several case studies are presented to illustrate how some strategies were implemented. Both successful and unsuccessful projects are presented. The reasons for success and failure are identified and discussed to help to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the pricing models. Lastly, an original idea of a new monetization scheme is presented. It takes aforementioned case studies into account and tries to find the middle ground, absorbing the best aspects of discussed strategies and avoiding the worst. It is also based on the latest video game industry trends, that are identified in that section. The original strategy is analyzed and potential flaws and limitations are mentioned.

To summarize, the main goals are:

• Educate the reader by defining the main concepts.
• Analyze the real product release and outline the relations between them and ways of their monetization.
• Come up with an own concept to give the reader a well-supported idea ready for implementation.