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Stratulat Olga 

Stratulat Olga
Internet Network-Attached Storage (NAS) based on the DD-WRT and OpenVPN
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The DD-WRT is an elegant Unix-based router operating system which can be run on a broad set of commercially available home routers (the most known is Linksys WRT54GL from which the system take part of its name), turning these devices into a semi-professional tools for not only sharing Internet connectivity at home, but also providing an SSH access, virtual networks (VLANs), customized firewalls etc.

Some of these router devices are equipped with an USB port which can be used either for turning an USB printer into a network device, or, more commonly, via attaching an USB removable drive for enhancing the router's functionality with an shared network storage. This disk drive is then accessible from all the devices in users' home local network either via FTP, NFS or SMB/samba protocol.

Despite intensive advances in the area of the cloud services, having an publicly available disk drive space of size of tens or hundreds of gigabytes is still very expensive for occasional use. The aim of this thesis is then studying and implementation of such a network storage based on DD-WRT router with an attached USB disk drive which would be available from the Internet, even though the router would not have a public IPv4 address.

The work should particularly study the OpenVPN connection from the local masqueraded router's network to an OpenVPN server with public IPv4, all the possibilities of accessing such a duo of two servers from other devices, tunelling the FTP/NFS/SMB protocols and attaching such a drive in Linux and Windows. As a second part, utilization of IPv6 will be studied for this particular purpose as most of Internet providers do not supply IPv4 but IPv6.
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