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Data & IT Security conference was a success  

The Data & IT Security conference, part of the Unicorn College Open series, focused on cyber security and fighting cyber crime. These issues are very real in today’s digital world. The conference followed the European effort (October was named European Cyber Security Month) to support public awareness about security when working with data and change the public’s perception of cyber threats. Unicorn College organized the conference in cooperation with Unicorn Systems, HP and Comguard.

The all-day conference was held in the hall of the Prague Conservatory on Friday, November 11, 2015. There were more than 300 participants, including 150 students from our university and more than 150 representatives from companies and the general public.
David Hartman, Head of the Information Technologies Department at Unicorn College, accompanied the conference. Marian Bartl, Production Manager from Unicorn Systems, gave a welcoming speech and presented the conference’s goals, then opened the morning part with a focus on basic concepts and security in IT in his lecture on the Security of Things.
Pavel Mertlík, rector of Škoda Auto University, delivered a lecture on Information Security and Transaction Costs from an economic standpoint. Aleš Špidla, President of the Association of Experts on Information Security (ČIMIB), very wittily demonstrated how the Act on Cyber Security works in practice. The morning part was closed by Robert Šefr, security consultant at Comguard and team member of CSIRT.CZ, who gave a lecture on "How Cybercriminals Earn".
The afternoon part was divided between Tomáš Kubica, Solution Architect at HP, speaking about new trends in working with and securing data, and experts from Unicorn Systems. Johan Sajfrt, Senior Solution Architect, presented the solution to one of the main Unicorn Systems projects, while Jiří Kohout, Senior Security Architect and a Unicorn College graduate, persuaded all of us that Wi-Fi is a friend as much as it’s an enemy.
This last lecture closed the Data & IT Security conference, completing yet another series of interesting lectures aimed at experts and ICT technology users. We are very pleased to hear positive feedback about the conference’s organization and content and thank all who participated and attended. It is a signal to continue our work and to look for other interesting and current topics that we can present at the next conference.