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School isn’t just about memorising stuff, or, what is important to us at Unicorn College?

Knowledge memorised by heart definitely isn’t the most important thing that university graduates need. At Unicorn College we therefore try to find the ideal balance between theory and practise – be it in the form of practical teaching or through attractive internships and employment opportunities offered by our partners, which include top IT companies, banking institutions and telecommunications and other companies.
Unicorn College means experience with how to prepare students for their future profession. Naturally we don’t skimp on the teaching itself. Witness to this is the fact that, thanks to the high standards in place at our institution, applicants for subsequent master’s studies do not experience any problems with admission to prestigious universities in the Czech Republic or abroad, and as a rule are among the best students in their years. However, what is more important to us at Unicorn College is the interconnection of our teaching with practical experience. Not only is the composition of our study fields based on the needs of the market, we get students involved in work on our partners’ projects while they are still studying. Our partners include leaders in their fields: Unicorn, Microsoft, IBM, SAS Institute, Red Hat, Allianz and Komerční banka.
Unicorn College also means a massive opportunity to gain access to state-of-the-art specialist centres or top European universities. In the past we have arranged internships for our students at CERN and we are the only private university in the Czech Republic whose students have the opportunity to spend part of their studies at Oxford.
Unicorn College also means an education in your field with massive prospects, which is borne out by the number. Over 85 % of our students stay in their chosen field – a third of these find employment in companies in the Unicorn group, a third in other top companies on the Czech and international markets and around a third establish their own business, either during their studies or shortly after graduation. For these activities, too, they will find a favourable environment at our institution – for example through our support programme for budding entrepreneurs.
Last but not least, Unicorn College means certainty. When we say that we don’t know a single student who hasn’t had a job offer once they left our school, we’re not exaggerating. You can find our graduates working for companies such as IBM, Barclays, HP, SAS Institute, GE Money, T-Mobile, Socialbakers and many more.