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CERN, Oxford, Microsoft: When a school project becomes the job of your dreams

There are perhaps precious few things that we can all agree on. That a nice hot supper is better than a slice of bread with some spread. That sunshine by the seashore is better than a tsunami. That getting more money for work is better than getting less money. And that a person learns more with an internship than without one. And that's how we run things here at Unicorn College. That is because nowadays, school is not just about sitting in lecture halls and cramming, especially when you decide to study such a dynamic field as IT, or you decide in the future to focus on managing projects whose activities involve IT. Most of you come to our school with certain knowledge, and theorems paged through in scripts no longer suffice in such case.
That's why we give our students the option while studying here to resolve an entire series of projects, and engage in both "live" work of our partner companies (Vigour, Unicorn Systems), and in projects that are a direct part of the curriculum, and cover an entire series of fields such as human resource management, marketing and many others. Among the interesting real projects we may mention development of the system Unicorn Universe, within the framework of which our students take part e.g. in testing and programming software, or work on projects of such entities as the bank Komerční Banka or the Swiss project CERN. Hand on heart, which other school can offer you similar options?
And ultimately, we don't have to speak in abstract terms. Our student Josef Sekava currently works on the production database for the ATLAS experiment - one of the detectors located in the framework of the Large Hadron Accelerator - functioning as a part of CERN. He even collaborates on such key projects as design of a future interface for programming applications. As a part of the work, he has made several trips to Oxford University, and he applies all of these experiences to write his bachelor's thesis. In another example, a group of our students from the Ukraine is working on important projects within the framework of Unicorn Systems.
Also truly interesting are projects on which students work directly within the school itself. The submitters of such projects and members in committees who evaluate the resulting work are people working directly in the given field, who provide students with invaluable feedback. In one of the school events - hackathon loT supported by IBM - a team of our students took part with their idea for a smart attendance system. This uses today's omnipresent company and school Wi-Fi networks, and has developed almost immediately into a project cooperating, inter alia, with the company Jablotron.
"Over three days of hard work, we not only earned a fantastic second place in the contest, but after the contest, managing director Marek Beránek asked us if we would like to take on a new project. The new submission involves connecting Jablotron 100 via a cloud to Unicorn Universe. It is super that in our work, we receive the full support of Unicorn College and that thanks to this, we get to visit interesting places. One example is my invitation to the Prague branch of Microsoft, where they showed me how to work with Azure...or I went to see the training in Unicorn, where among other things, they introduced me to new trends in HTML 5,” describes one of the members of the competing team, Jakub Kubaščík.
Teachers and students alike also take part in a series of projects (one current example concerns the mobile application EUNIC App). All students therefore have the opportunity to find something they enjoy or excel at, or what they would later like to implement and build experience in that will help them in their future job search or in establishing their own companies.