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Unicorn College organised another conference, the main topic was E-Commerce

This time, the main topic and common denominator of all lectures of the Unicorn College Open, which this year took place on 22 April, was the area of e-commerce. But this wasn’t the only topic – leading experts from the area of marketing, IT, or finance also provided knowledgeable view of e-commerce from the perspective of their specialisations.
The conference, which took place at the Prague Conservatory on Dvořákovo nábřeží, was well attended, with over 300 visitors filling the hall, well beyond earlier more conservative estimates. Attendees were able to gain important knowledge regarding e-commerce, a still-young field in the Czech Republic. The huge amount of questions, pondering, and arguments that the audience directed at speakers, not only during presentations but also in discussions during breaks, was proof that the conference didn’t involve just dry talk by experts and presentation of PowerPoint slides. In short, e-commerce is the future, and so audience members concerned themselves very actively with practical questions regarding this topic.
In the Czech Republic, the market for the promising and constantly expanding field of e-commerce has not yet been entirely filled, with room for further evolution and innovation. But this doesn’t mean that it is easy to succeed, on the contrary – one must not only reach the imaginary bar to achieve success, but must keep raising it. This was also a subject of the conference, which contained everything from trends and innovations to individual key areas – in short, a well-rounded and in-depth look at e-commerce in a nutshell.
Presenters included: Managing Partner of the Dark Side digital agency Tomáš Jindříšek with Ten Trends of 2016 from a Customer Perspective – E-shops Are No Longer Underground Shopping, but the Mainstream, the owner of the successful Zásilkovna project and the First Lady of Czech e-commerce, Simona Kijonková, with Modern Trends in E-commerce & How to Get an E-shop Past the Border, Deloitte Consulting Partner Petr Viktora with Does E-Commerce Pay?, PreSales Consultant Customer Engagement & Commerce at SAP CR Martin Dudek with Beyond CRM: If You Use Classical CRM Systems, Your Time Is Running Out, Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft Peter Valuš with The Future of Technologies at Mid-sized and Small Companies, Unicorn System IT Consultant Václav Šenych with Mitas B2B E-commerce on the Hybris Platform, Unicorn Systems Account Manager Pavel Bartoš with Omni-Commerce – Twenty-First Century Sales, and Unicorn Systems Production Manager Zbyněk Šlosar, who together with Jaroslav Voráček, Senior Consultant at Unicorn Systems, presented LS Retail - A Solution for Modern Customers and Sana Commerce – An E-commerce Solution as Part of an Enterprise System.
Jan Jaroš - Managing Director of Unicorn Systems
From left - speakers: Petr Viktora (Deloitte), Simona Kijonková (Zásilkovna) and Tomáš Jindříšek (Dark Side)
Speaker: Martin Dudek (SAP ČR)
Speaker: Pavel Bartoš (Unicorn Systems)
Speaker: Václav Šechych (Unicorn Systems)
Speaker: Peter Valuš (Microsoft)
From left - speakers: Jaroslav Voráček and Zbyněk Šlosar (Unicorn Systems)