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On November 4th Unicorn College organized a highly successful conference, the main topic of which was the Internet of Things

In this, the eight Unicorn College Open, the main theme of the lectures focused on the current phenomenon known as Internet of Things (IoT). We looked through the eyes of those who form the platform for communication on current events, visions of the future and potential pitfalls. Concrete and existing solutions had their space as well.
The conference took place in Prague Conservatory on Dvorak's waterfront, reached its max capacity attendance and importantly saw a total of 340 students come to learn more around this key topic. They had the opportunity to gain key insights on Internet of things. The format of the presentations avoided highbrow experts presenting from PowerPoint slides, favoring instead an open discussion around the topics at hand. The success of this presentation style was confirmed by the huge number of questions, reflections and polemics that the audience had for the speakers not only during lectures but also during numerous free discussions between the breaks.
Internet of things is an increasingly mentioned concept in the field of information technology. It is expected that it will bring significant changes to our day to day lives. The revolutionary idea is often compared to the advent and mass propagation of mobile phones in the 90s, which seemed for most at that time the stuff of science fiction. IoT is slowly coming to the foreground of real business cases. So far, no one knows exactly to what extent it can be used, but there is ongoing intensive preparation to uncover all the application possibilities around this idea. At present IoT has seen development in both the private sector as in the field of municipal and urban establishment. According to surveys, the public usually associates its use around smart cities, homes or specific accessories (eg. A smart watch). After that the common conception is for IoT to move towards other areas such as Industry 4.0 and other industrial or automation solutions. Many of the above possible directions were discussed throughout the conference.
The conference was opened by David Kimr, a member of the Board of Directors of Unicorn. The lectures  were given by speakers as; Petr Sichrovský What is the Internet of Things (IoT), its present and future, Jan Černý from project Českovdatech.cz with Českovdatech.cz - IoT examples from the Czech Republic and abroad, Pavel Hrabina from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smarter Cities and what  Princess Libuse kept from us, Alan Fabik from BigClown Labs BigClown - secure open-source home automation system implemented by yourself, Jan Purkrábek from Linet with Being online under Burj Khalifa, Štěpán Bechynský from Microsoft with How Microsoft reacts IoT phenomenon?, SAS Institute was represented by Michael Probst with Analytics of Things, student Jakub Kubaščík form Unicorn College, spoke about Home Security and Unicorn Application Framework, Ondřej Švihálek from Unicorn Systems with Auto as the dominant object in the world of IoT, Luděk Slouka from Mastercard the digitization of payments trends and their impact on service to motorists and Radomír Zbožínek from Intemac with Industry 4.0: Manufacturing workplace of the future.
David Kimr, a member of the Board of Directors of Unicorn
Petr Sichrovský, independent IT expert
Jan Černý from project Českovdatech.cz
Aleš Tvrdík, student of the Prague Conservatoire
Pavel Hrabina from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Alan Fabik from BigClown
Štěpán Bechynský from Microsoft
Ondřej Švihálek from Unicorn Systems