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An opportunity not only for the chosen ones

These days, a lot of universities offer students interesting opportunities to better their study and gain a competitive advantage during the study itself. These opportunities include various forms of study exchanges abroad or cooperation on attractive projects.
Students often associate big traditional schools with greater opportunities. The first sight definitely supports this idea. Throughout years of maintaining relations among schools and the traditional link between business and public universities they have built a strong position. However, a second sight often shows a significant difference. They have a limited range of options with a huge mass of students.
At Unicorn College, we actively work on expanding the range as much as possible. We dare say that the attractiveness doesn’t lag behind the best public universities. Meanwhile, the number of our students ensures that basically anyone sincerely interested finds a suitable opportunity.
These opportunities comprise not only attractive specialist projects and an interesting line in your professional CV. They often involve great possibilities to make tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns during the study. Besides, students gain valuable contacts and desired experience.
In the Czech Republic, these opportunities usually mainly attract full-time students while abroad, students of other forms often take advantage of them as well. They simply realize that they represent a substantial investment accelerating their value in the labour market.
Someone may think: “Do I meet all the criteria?” Our answer is very simple and has two main parts.
One part concerns a student’s knowledge of a foreign language; a skill improved continuously during the study and highly useful in many jobs after the graduation.
The other part is related to the level of one’s responsibility. Nobody expects from students the amount of knowledge and skills of an experienced professional. However, there’s no difference in the scope of personal responsibility and the approach to assigned tasks. An error is justifiable, but a constantly inert attitude does not lead to success in prestigious foreign projects and schools. Nevertheless, we believe that this attribute represents no supernatural ability. It is solely up to the students to be prepared to sacrifice a little of their comfort and privacy in order to boost their career.
Finally, let me recommend one thing – be active! Ask about the opportunities, look for a way, show your interest. We, the teachers at Unicorn College, are ready, have the opportunity and energy to make interesting things happen. We welcome your activity. And you? Maybe one day, you can tell your friends: “CERN? I’ve been there a couple of times. We’ve been working on a joint project there with some guys from Oxford…”
 doc. Ing. Václav Vacek, CSc.