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If you have problems, you are not alone

Unicorn College provides a challenging study environment. It may prove difficult from time to time. This is why we are commited to helping you, when you feel overwhelmed.
Unicorn College is glad to introduce personal and academic counselling for students. The aim is to help students in challenging academic situations (problems with preparation for exams and tests, failure in exams, conditional enrolment etc.), counselling in difficult life and social situations which impact study obligations and helping students with other special needs.
How does it work in practice?
A student who has a problem with studies can contact the study counsellor and arrange a personal meeting, an individual consultation. Consultations take place without any witness, in a quiet environment. Each student is given as much time as necessary to explain one's situation. Sometimes fifteen or twenty minutes are sufficient, sometimes consultations will take more than an hour.
First, it is necessary, in form of an interview, to find out what the problem is. It often turns out that there are more than one problem. Some students struggle to manage the studies and job at the same time, they may experience health issues, family, relationship problems. It may also be the transition from high school to university which happens to be difficult. The underestimation of higher education may also be an issue.
Once we manage to clarify the problem, we  discuss it and try to find a solution. We will talk about how to study so that the effort is effective, provide information about the terms of tests, evaluation of subjects, etc. Also, clarifying goals and priorities proves very important. We will try to come up with arrangements which should help you or help you communicate with teachers if necessary.
For what types of results?
The outcome of the consultation may be in the form of recommendation for the student to elaborate a plan to prepare for exams. We can also discuss the possibilities of changing the form of studies (for example from full-time to combined), and in severe cases even the possibility of interruption. Sometimes a recommendation on how to properly balance work and study, or a necessary rest can be helpful. Anyway, it is good to talk to someone and thus get things straight for yourself.
A new form of counselling are phone conversations, where students, who choose to prematurely terminate or suspend their studies, are contacted by us. Such a decision is not easy nor quick and not too frequent. Even here, however, we offer help, we ask for the reasons for such decisions, we try to make the link between the school and the student. According to early experiences, students perceive this form of contact as a positive move on the part of their university.
Counselling and other forms of support to students can facilitate studying at a university in many ways. We try to make the time of your studies a hindsight remembered as a stage of life that was very challenging but manageable and meaningful.
Contact: Jindra Stříbrská, Unicorn College