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#UCLday was very successful again

#UCLday, a yearly event organized by Unicorn College on Feb. 16, 2017, has once again attracted many visitors. High school and Universities students, but also their parents and their friends were invited to listen to a wide range of lectures, test their IT skills in an interactive labs or try technological gadgets and robots.
Choosing from a variety of free lectures, the visitors of #UCLday had the opportunity to listen to more than a dozen specialists (academics and corporate) from a wide range of IT-related disciplines. Among them were:
  • BigClown Labs founders Alan and Paul Fabik Hübner, who talked about the Internet of Things generated by open-source hardware platform BigClown for home automation.
  • Jana Moudrá and Tomáš Jukin from Unicorn College who talked about the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities of mobile operating systems Android and iOS.
  • Jan Hanuš from digital agency  Grahana held a lecture on the latest trends in marketing.
  •  Applifting co-founder Philip Kirschner and Vratislav Kalenda again presented their vision of the future of the Internet of things.
  • Participants under the leadership of Filip Kirschner could build their own facilities using the Internet of Things Arduino kit.
  • Very popular, the presentation of Maxim Vrána from Unicorn Systems, shred his insight regarding the direction and development of the IT profession in the context of work for banking institutions.
Most of these experts then chaired practical workshops where visitors could learn more about the latest trends in their field. For instance, participants could try and play with Ozobots, ride with a BB-8 from Star Wars, experience virtual reality by HTC Vive, or to see how the robot from Lego Mindstorm can in a few seconds pass Rubik's cube.
In order to accommodate with many requests of participations to workshops, a series of lectures and labs were held twice in a row – with one session in the morning and another one in the afternoon. This way, participants with a tight schedule as well as those willing to enroll in several sessions were given the opportunity to enjoy the #UCLday to its full capacity.
Unicorn College plans to replicate this event in the future. Information about future dates will be announced shortly.