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myHome - current status

MyHome – a student project and an interesting application of IoT solution in practice. How are we doing after a few more months of work? What is Jakub Kubaščík working on right now? And what should you do if you want to work on his team? Accept our invitation and join the new myHome blog.
Hello again, I would like to welcome you to the new update of the myHome project. During the winter we optimized the design of the default gateway solution to ensure the maximum stability and reliability of the application running on the default gateway. As a reminder, the default gateway is the main brain of the household that connects individual devices and allows two-way communication. The default gateway communicates via Microsoft Azure, which acts as a link between the device and the Plus4U cloud in which myHome mobile application runs.
Now we are at the stage of working on the main application client to be able to add individual devices as a kit, and I'm studying new features that enable advanced administration - maintenance, updating, restarting, etc ...
The main focus is on completing the main portion of the default gateway and then extending support for additional devices. We are already planning to integrate BigClown and support its gradually evolving ecosystem. We are slowly expanding the team and I am looking forward to boasting further progress. Two heads are better than one - we start dividing the work and focusing on certain parts. There is enoughvwork and I would like to invite Unicorn College students if you are interested in taking part in the early development of a new project, do not hesitate to contact us at jakub@kubascik.cz.
Have a good time,