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I founded my business during my studies at Unicorn College

"If you want to get work experience from the beginning, Unicorn College is the right choice." Do you know those words from somewhere? This is what one of our many successful graduates, Vráťa Kalenda, said about our school, which you may have heard from videos on our website.

Unicorn College educates graduates on finding jobs in the labor market - whether as employees of major companies or founders of their own successful projects. We do not just say this to those interested in studying we mean it. And Vráťa is the proof. He went to school because he wanted to get great working knowledge before starting his career. He wanted to learn the technologies and practices that are commonly used today in designing and designing software. Unicorn College has fully exceeded his expectations in this regard.

Vráťa Kalenda is an enthusiast for IoT, a software architect and developer at Applifting, which he co-founded with a teacher he met at Unicorn College. For 3 years, he has been successfully creating amazing Web and mobile applications, and bringing the ideas and visions of his customers to life. In addition to development of mobile and Web applications, they also deal with Internet of things and Developer experience. Fourteen people currently work at Applifting and the company is still looking for new Applifters.

What is the key to their success? From the start, they build close connections with the client and know that a satisfied client makes a successful product. To achieve this, they use state-of-the-art technology and procedures to do their work, thoroughly testing and improving it until the result is perfect. But technology is not the only key to their success. Their applications succeeded through sophisticated experts who follow the latest trends, evolve with the latest technology, and believe that no project is too difficult to overcome.