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Studying in the Czech Republic through the eyes of a foreign student

Here is the interview of Oleksandr, one of our full time students at UCL.
Hello, could you please present yourself?
My name is Oleksandr, I am 26 years old, I come from Ukraine. My field of study at Unicorn College is ICT Project Management, I am currently in my second year of study.
How did you hear about UCL?
I learned about the UCL at the meeting in Kyiv which was held by the "Yes Center" company. The meeting was about the international training programs, at this meeting I got acquainted with Inga Starodub, a representative of Unicorn Systems in Kyiv. She told me how to become a student of Unicorn College.
Already in your second year, can you tell us what is the hardest subject you had to study so far?
The hardest subject for me is the "Essentials of Algorithm Design and Optimization », it’s rather difficult!
And, what is the easiest subject you had to study, or what is your favourite topic?
My favourite subject is "Business English", we have an excellent teacher with a huge experience of teaching.
What do you think Unicorn College does better than other Universities?
Unicorn College has a great IT system, called Plus4U. When you log on to it, you can easily find all information about studies through web: study material, grades, schedule of class, etc. In addition, I can confirm that all teachers are experienced and actually work in various IT companies. I consider that education in such a University which cooperates with many known companies, gives me a unique experience of work with ‘live’ projects.
How about living in Prague, what type of student life do you have?
I have an active student life, I can easily combine my education and rest.
Is it expensive to live in Prague?
Definitely not, Prague is a very cheap city with the lowest prices in Europe. My monthly costs are approximately 300 - 400 EUR.
Besides UCL, what other activities do you do? (Do you work? Do you do any sport?)
I visit Salsa courses! I also play football and tennis at weekends. I like to travel around Europe, when I have free time. In addition, I participate in the internship program in Unicorn Universe.
What type of job would you like to have after graduation?
I would like to be a team leader of a testing team, because I have experience in that field.
Thank you very much, Oleksandr, we wish you all the best for the rest of your studies at Unicorn College.
More information about studies at Unicorn College: www.unicorncollege.eu