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The first year of the Miráž Cup contest

In the first half of June, the first year of the programming contest Miráž Cup took place at Unicorn College. The name is a memory of our deceased colleague, Mirek Ždárský, who was not called otherwise than Miráž. The guarantor of the entire competition is Pavel Bory, who is not only a graduate and a key pedagogue of Unicorn College, but he also works as a programmer at Unicorn. Also Vigour participated in the contest by helping to secure it and providing the prizes.
The goal of the Miráž Cup is to attract students to compete and to test their skills in programming. The inspiration was brought from similar contests organized by other companies (such as Google and its Google Code Jam). Thanks to Miráž Cup, we would like to build a contest at our school where our students will meet regularly and compete with each other – in fact, a duel of programmers.

The entire competition has two rounds where contestants solve logical and algorithmic tasks in permitted C #, Java and Ruby programming languages. It is intended for all students, regardless of the year and form of study, who are willing to program, compete and spend a pleasant afternoon solving logical problems with their classmates. Concerning rules, participants can use any source of information (internet, study materials, ...), but it is strongly forbidden to consult with any other person in any way. During individual rounds, it is also prohibited to share tasks assignments or own solutions (students can make backups of their solutions in case of HW or SW failure, but they cannot share them with anyone). The resulting order is determined by the sum of points for all correctly solved tasks in both rounds.

The winner of the first Miráž Cup, attended by 11 contestants, was a first-year student Ondřej Urban, who, besides valuable prizes, also gained lots of experience from the competition. He shared his impressions with us in an interview that you can read here. Like him, we are very satisfied with the first year and we look forward to the next one.