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Admissions have come!

The decision to study a university undeniably represents a crucial moment in the life of every person who intends to set out for such path. An official act of this decision is submitting the application for study and the subsequent attendance to admissions. If everything goes well, first year enrolment follows, then the second and third. Three years of hard work finish with a graduation and the student becomes a graduate ready to enter the professional world.
In this article, I’d like to focus on the very beginning, i.e. the admission. Admissions in the Czech Republic take various forms. Some schools prepare tests to give each student a score and place the student above or below the line. Other schools do not hold admissions at all and accept students without them. We decided otherwise.
Unicorn College chose to base its admission on an interview as individual and personal approach makes our school unique. The purpose of the interview is to find out the motivation and expectations of the applicant and to identify the level of their knowledge of the English language as the level of English represents an important element of the study. The whole interview lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. The candidates who try to obtain the scholarship for study results have to pass additional tests in mathematics, English and economy or IT.
Personally, I always look forward to admissions because they constitute the first moment when I am able to match a name and other statistical data in the application with a real person. First during the interview itself I find out a range of interesting information about the candidate. What the candidate likes, expects from the study, why the person decided to study the university, etc. I attended admission interviews last week. I was amazed many times how great, highly motivated people apply for study at our school. I take each interview very personally and at the end of the interview, I always tell myself: “Wow, what a superb candidate! Now we need to do our best to help the candidate fulfil the expectations and not to let the candidate down.”
And what type of candidates actually apply? We interview both people with substantial experience in the field and beginners. Some candidates ask us whether the school is difficult, whether they can manage the math although they didn’t attend a grammar school etc. My answer is: You can manage anything if you have the will and make the effort. Besides, we offer a whole range of supporting activities for those who are unsure, e.g. preparatory courses, tutoring or a supplementary maths course.
As we really care about our students’ results, we carry out evaluation of their success at the end of the winter semester. This year was no exception and 85% of students met the exam requirements, i.e. they met the concurrent evaluation requirements. We are truly pleased with such high success rate.
My final message to the candidates: Successful study requires two sides – the student and the school. On behalf of the school, I can promise all candidates applying for study at our school willing to sacrifice part of their time and effort that we will do our best to give them the best education possible.
I am already looking forward to the new students starting in Unicorn College in October.
Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph. D.
Director of school