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Graduation ceremony of Unicorn College graduates 2017

On Friday, 30th June 2017, the graduation ceremony of Unicorn College graduates took place in the Bethlehem Chapel. This great event concluded the 2016/2017 academic year and we’d like to outline what this year’s ceremony looked like.
The Intrada melody by the Prague Conservatoire brass band provided a proper prelude in the beautiful premises of the Bethlehem Chapel and welcomed the spectators, the happy graduates and the representatives of Unicorn College. The Czech national anthem preceded the ceremony of awarding graduates with their diploma itself.
The Vice-president of Pedagogy, Ing. Ludmila Petkovová, Ph.D., welcomed all participants and also introduced the representatives of Unicorn College. Then she asked the President for approval to award the present graduates with the bachelor’s degree. The ceremonial graduation vow followed and the graduates proudly accepted their diplomas in a folder and silver graduation rings handed over by the school’s President.
32 graduates participated in the graduation ceremony. With their effort and determination, two of them earned a red diploma.
The President of Unicorn College, doc. Ing. Jan Čadil, Ph.D., held a speech motivating the graduates for the next stage of their lives. He talked about the importance of the right choice of university education and wished the graduates a lot of success both in the personal and professional sphere. Jan Veselý represented the graduates with his speech in which he thanked the parents and the teachers. Jan Ericsson, a singer from the Prague conservatoire, ended the moving and festive event by singing the Gaudeamus Igitur student anthem.
Pleasant atmosphere dominated the whole ceremony and all participants’ eyes gleamed with joy. Parents, grandparents, relatives and friends of all partakers applauded heartily and we believe that everyone sincerely enjoyed the ceremony and will remember the event for a long time.
Dear graduates, here you can download photos and the video from the graduation ceremony.