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Ozobot - learning without limits

Algorithmisation. Programming. Conditions, variables, cycles… Many people consider these expressions so foreign that they might as well be from a different world. Although this should not happen to our students, we keep looking for methods to simplify the way to programming and open it to the widest public.
It’s been over a year since we started using a small robot of hardly five centimetres, Ozobot, to teach programming. Our weekend academy WeCanCode repeatedly proved that a few hours of time is enough to take the first steps towards success.
Even people with no previous knowledge managed to form their first programmes by means of the Scratch visual programming language. The following comparison of what the goal was, the visual presentation and the formed code regularly caused smiles and triggered sentences like “Oh, I see. It’s actually quite simple”.
If you want to know more, see this short video:
And if you’re new students at our school with no programming experience so far, don’t forget the opportunity to take part in the preparatory course of Ruby Programming Essentials.