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Participate in the research of the Internet of Things applications (IoT)!

Unicorn College, along with the newly-founded Unicorn Research Center, offers students to participate in science-research projects. We are currently offering activities related to the development of IoT applications. The work is directed from the "hobby" level (Raspberry Pi, Arduino) through semi-professional solutions (BigClown) to professional applications (PLC in collaboration with Teco).
A good example is a team of students consisting of Petr Miňovský, Leoš Drda and Filip Hrabec and the newly established IoT laboratory on the college premises at Parukářka. At present, when the interest in the Internet of Things is on the rise and more people are aware of it, the team of these students got an opportunity to cooperate with Teco a.s. under the auspices of Unicorn College. Teco a.s. produces PLC control units, which are used, for example, in industrial automation or for smart home control. They offered us to take part in trainings in their Cologne headquarters, at the end of which they lent us basic programmable components (control unit, modules, sensors ...) to be practically used in our college IoT laboratory.
While the use of PLC in manufacturing plants is already widespread, the agricultural industry in our country, especially small farms and breeding stations, is virtually untouched by this technology. For this reason, we began to focus our project in this way, and over time, the idea of creating a "smart farm" was born. There we could use PLC either remotely through the application or automatically, to monitor and control the operation of the farm. As with a smart home, lighting or ventilation can be controlled, but we also work on a system that will deal with animal feeding and watering. We also plan to connect the entire camera system, allowing the user to monitor their object in real time.
This project is just the beginning. In the IoT area, we are preparing other projects that each student can take part in. Do not be afraid to take advantage of this unique opportunity and join us! If you are interested, please contact the study department of Unicorn College.