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Tomáš Kroček – the new Head of the IT Department

Tomáš Kroček is no newcomer to Unicorn College. However, he is the new Head of the IT Department. Where does he see potential, what does he want to achieve and what can students look forward to? He disclosed all this in our recent interview.
1. Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
Warm greetings to all readers. My name is Tomáš Kroček and I hold the position of the Head of the Department of Information Technologies. My cooperation with UCL dates back all the way to 2008. Back then, I was focusing on teaching selected courses and later I took on supervising bachelor theses. This basically represented the content of my work at UCL until July of this year. Until then, I had a full-time job with the Unicorn Systems (USY) as a consultant while teaching at UCL comprised a pleasant change to my regular workload. Nothing has actually changed about that, I must say. I love the contact with people and I feel honoured to share the excitement for a joint cause, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “being on the same wavelength”.
2. Why did you decide to take up the position?
I think it’s great to accept challenges brought to you in life. This is definitely such a challenge. I’ve been working for Unicorn for over a decade. Anytime I unfold this to anyone, they consider it old-fashioned. I must say though that I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects. I also went through various roles, from technical ones through management to business. Lecturing represents a link throughout all the career. I regularly hold trainings, not only for UCL students. I direct various internal and external trainings within Unicorn, focusing on both our colleagues and clients. In other words, beside a challenge, this position constitutes my mission with regard to my various lecturing.
3. What do you expect from the job and what are you looking for?
In every job one looks forward to new activities, people and opportunities. The more perceptions you are able to let in, the more open you become and the more new ideas emerge. This is true with me, at least. I expect space for creativity here, for searching for new opportunities in education. I expect that we transform these ideas to interesting projects and the best of them will penetrate into the market. I also expect to have a lot of work with all this and brace myself for some disappointment. I guess a time might come when I consider giving it all up but I equally expect myself not to run away just like that and learn something new again.
4. What do you wish to achieve?
I always reach for the stars and the stars are many but I’ll try and name the most important ones. I want to interconnect UCL and USY effectively. The right projects with the right people and vice versa. Of course, a certain form of cooperation already exists but I can see a much larger potential. I want to involve students more into the elementary projects. These projects may give rise to bachelor theses and such theses represent attractive distinction for the student. Such projects often influence us for a very long period of our lives… Besides, I want to progress further in the current promising development of the Department – colleagues, students, teams, projects, partners, technology, back-office… Plenty of matters require care.
5. Any word to students or candidates?
I wish candidates good luck choosing their study and students strong will and firm resolve when things unfold differently from their expectations.
And to those who consider it a cliché – you’d better work real hard on yourself!