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Hatchery – An Intensive Educational Course for Young Developers

Hatchery from a lecturer's perspective
Unicorn regularly holds an educational course for young and beginning developers. They can learn or practise a chosen programming language and get acquainted with the development of modern applications. It has become commonplace recently that such apps are created as „Mobile First“, operate on a cloud and easily integrate with IoT.
During the course, participants learn especially about the production of user interface (Unicorn's uu5 framework), the React technology and the Ruby programming language. During the three-day workshop, the participants gradually develop an app on their own that they present to a board at the end.
This year's course was successful beyond expectation. The participants comprised mostly of Unicorn College students and possessed good and useful initial knowledge. Therefore, understanding and applying the new information acquired in the course proved easy for them. For the first time in the history of this educational activity, all participants succeeded and they were subsequently offered to take part in some of the projects within Unicorn. Upon finishing the course, getting involved even into complex projects turned out easy and everyone became an important part of their respective team.
Radek Dolejš,
Unicorn Application Framework Chief Evangelist
What's the students' perspective of the Hatchery uuApp Developer course?
Ondřej Urban (1st place)
Hatchery was a really nice event. The lecturers showed their less serious faces and every day was fun. On the other hand, they were able to pass a huge amount of information in a short period of time. During Hatchery, a lot of the concepts that we merely touched at school (especially in the Web Front-end and Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming courses) started to fit in and form a compact notion of what a programmer's work actually looks like. It meant a great shift from simple school textbooks to complex applications that have their own user interface and run on a real server.
The parts dealing with Unicorn's internal procedures and the Unicorn Universe system were less fun although I understand why the course included these as well.
The work which I landed in the end isn't completely related to the specific topic of Hatchery. Today, I focus on Node.js application server programming. Anyway, the concepts, procedures and techniques that I learned in the Hatchery course help me immensely in my current job although I actually work on something different.
Petr Pátek (3rd place)
I liked the course a lot as it gave me further opportunities to link theory and practice. Because I took the course after finishing the Web Front-end and Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming courses, I had heard a lot of the information previously at school. This gave me a significant advantage compared to participants who were not from Unicorn College. The course broadened my knowledge in terms of React, Ruby and CSS. Unicorn Application Framework, on the other hand, represented a total novelty for me.
The work at Unicorn that I landed after finishing the job surprised me nicely. So far, I've had no problems. My colleagues are helpful and give me a hand whenever needed. Of course, table football or darts at the workplace are nice benefits, too.
Jan Bárta (5th place)
I liked the uuApp Developer course a lot. I learned plenty of new things, met new people, got acquainted with the corporate culture of the largest Czech software company. Besides, as the participation in the course is awarded financially, I even earned some money.
In the first place though, I improved in areas of web technology, programming, web app design and the Plus4U system. From technological perspective, we focused on the basics of the Ruby programming language, JavaScript and uu5 framework powered by Unicorn that runs above html5, CSS3 and React.
Upon finishing the course successfully, I got a job as a Web Developer right at Unicorn College. Currently, we're working on the reconstruction and modernization of the whole school web. That means I am not only improving my programming skills as we deal with matters like the structure drafts, design or marketing. Such experience is the greatest benefit for me.