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If you have problems, you are not alone II.

More than half a year ago, we informed you on the new form of student support – personal and study counselling, introduced by Unicorn College in the previous academic year (https://www.unicorncollege.cz/en/about-uc/news-archive/2017-04-13-if-there-are-problems-you-are-not-alone.html).
With this current text, we're bringing the topic forward once again with a new set of observations, advice and information.
Apparently, the counselling aims to help students in difficult study situations (problems with the preparation for exams and tests, failing at exams, conditional enrolment etc.), advise students in difficult life and social situations impacting the fulfilment of study requirements and assist students with other specific needs.
Students used the opportunity of consultations over the phone in over 70 cases in the previous academic year. Beside this, others took the advantage of personal counselling.
Such conversations and consultations surely helped clarify the roots of many study difficulties that students face; time pressure (work-study balance mainly in the case of students in the combined form of study), health and family issues comprise the most frequent ones. And sometimes – although quite rarely – reservations to the school's information system, school or classes. The causes often cumulated and they threaten to result in large difficulties following the study requirements, postponing exams, interrupting the study or even terminating it.
The students largely appreciated the consultations and the information on the opportunity of study counselling. Often, they remark that if they need it, they will use this option. And the advice given were usually appreciated, although – in the course of the counselling – a lot of students come up with their own procedure in terms of their study. Anyway, even this is good news. Fingers crossed to everyone and just to be sure, we decided to share 5+1 recommendations:
  1. If problems arise, talk about them in time – with the lecturers, study counsellor or study department.
  2. Postponing the fulfilment of the study requirements is not a solution – you're only putting off and sometimes even deepening the problem.
  3. Learn the skill of time management; pace yourself and don't defer your duties to the exam period.
  4. Study the information in the school’s information system; you'll find all important information on the classes, individual courses, the school's Rules of Study, important dates etc. If there's anything unclear, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Believe in yourself and think of what value your education and self-development have. This is no cliché.
  6. Get heard. Even situations that seem hard or impossible to solve have a way out. The willingness to solve them and some perspective provided by an uninvolved person are often enough.
Contact: Jindra Stříbrská, Unicorn College