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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

For most of us, Christmas and the end of the calendar year provide a time for meeting, looking back, resolutions and wishes. Unicorn College is no exception to this.
This year brought a lot of good news. From the almost traditional and expected ones (for example two successful Unicorn College Open conferences), through those we had to fight for really hard (one of the highest numbers of first-year students) to those that we couldn’t even anticipate at the beginning of the previous year (gaining Microsoft HoloLens for classes and projects with regard to virtual and augmented reality).
In 2017, Unicorn College completed ten years of passing information and knowledge from IT, economics and management to its students. Ten years may not be huge, but it gave us a good start and binds us for the future.
We are glad to find that in various internet discussions, Unicorn College is considered a university of high quality that can teach its students a lot and where the degree is not given out for free. On the other hand, with an appropriate and consistent effort, the degree lies within one’s reach.
All in all, 2017 represented a successful year.
And what resolutions do we make for the next one? We want to provide you, our students, with even more information – both theoretical and practical – from modern fields, such as IoT (nternet of Things), or AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). We want to continue teaching future managers to deal with data (Big Data) and understand things in larger contexts. Altogether, we aspire to teach our students things that they can quickly and successfully apply in real life after their study.
Our final resolution – with you and your active participation as an integral part of it – is an even larger amount of development projects, international cooperation and prestigious activities, such as the project of Product Database for the collider at CERN.
We hope that you, our students, teachers and even those who only watch the events around Unicorn College from afar, had a similarly successful time. If you make any resolutions, we wish you enough motivation to make them happen. Enjoy Christmas time by exchanging the modern digital means of communication for meeting in person and the turbulent pace for a little bit of peace and quiet.
We are looking forward to meeting again in the next year with an even larger hunger for new information and interesting experience.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Your Unicorn College Team