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Unicorn College held a greatly successful conference on the creation of user interface in apps

The Unicorn College Open 2017 on 3rd November became the 10th conference of the name and dealt with the creation of user interface, the so-called front-end. Participants got an opportunity to attend lots of papers focusing on the right techniques and approaches of User Experience (UX), on the creation of responsive web apps as well as demonstrations of extended, virtual or mixed reality.
Over 350 participants completely filled the hall in the Prague Conservatory on Dvořákovo nábřeži where the conference was held. The audience attained key knowledge in the area of the creation of user interface in apps. The individual speakers covered various aspects of the creation of modern front-ends and UX applications along with the creation of modern user interface. In a single day, we saw how the original meaning of “usability“ for web pages and the definition of the term “front-end” has expanded all the way to unbelievable digital services that newly offer extended reality, holograms or virtual reality.
The conference commenced with an introductory speech by Ondřej Švihálek, a Unicorn consultant in which he showed the participants a whole range of front-ends. Vladimír Kovář, the head of the Unicorn board of directors, followed with his keynote. He presented the uu5 library designed for the creation of modern user interface in web apps. The morning programme continued with a block of highly interesting papers. Jiří Machala (KPMG) concentrated on How to Improve Experience, Alois Filip (Unicorn) spoke on User Experience in Examples and Petr Klement (Microsoft) on Extended Reality from the Viewpoint of Microsoft: Hololens and Windows Mixed Reality. The afternoon part started with Pavel Kohout's paper on Looking for a Needle in a Haystack that demonstrated a correctly and badly designed ergonomics of economic apps with clear examples. Vladimír Kovář, Jr. (Unicorn) followed with a lecture on UX in the Product Development Process and Vít Stinka (Unicorn) introduced a case study in a paper called The Creation of UI, Implementing Enterprise CRM Over MS Dynamics. The conference concluded with a block of case studies. Ondřej Švihálek introduced a project called Kavárna Štěstí (The Lucky Café) –interconnecting the real and online worlds; Martin Novotný (Patria Direct) presented a mobile app in Patria Trader – Pixels Loaded with Information; Martin Uher (Škoda Auto) spoke on the PCI 3.0 app in Škoda Auto – A Tablet in Oil-Dirty Hands and Ondřej Přidal (Quibix) lead the listeners to the world of extended reality in his paper called Extended Reality in Every Pocket.

Ondřej Švihálek – Consultant, Unicorn

Vladimír Kovář – The head of the Unicorn board of directors

Alois Filip – Consultant, Unicorn

Jiří Machala – Associate manager, Advisory, KPMG

Demo stall with virtual reality visors

Pavel Kohout – founder of Robot Asset Management

From the left - Ondřej Švihálek (Unicorn), Martin Uher (ŠKODA AUTO), Vladimír Kovář, Jr. (Unicorn), Vít Stinka (Unicorn), Martin Novotný (Patria Direct), Ondřej Přidal (Qubix)