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Whom you meet at Unicorn College – Lan Anh Tran

We are not a nameless school. Each person you meet here has a story to tell, motivation and wishes… We decided to share some of these stories with you, the current and future students. Where else should we start than at the Study Department? Who else should we start with than somebody each one of you meets rather often? Read about Lan Anh Tran.
Hi, Lan, could you introduce yourself, please?
My name’s Lan Anh Tran, Lan Anh comprises the first name but everyone calls me simply Lan.  I was born in Vietnam and I’ve been living in the Czech Republic since I was 2. I studied Marketing and Business at Technical University of Ostrava. After the university I studied English for one year and then I moved to Prague. Here I joined the EBC Company which is a part of the Unicorn group.
What was your beginning in the Unicorn group like?
In July 2016, I took up the position of a receptionist at EBC. I spend 8 months working there, half of which I was the leading receptionist. I enjoyed the work but I wanted to advance further. So, I took a job at the Unicorn College Study Department in March 2017. New projects kept coming for me and after the team has grown, I’ve been focusing purely on recruitment and marketing.
So what’s your workload?
I’m in charge of the organization of the recruitment process and individual interviews. I communicate with the candidates and cooperate with workforce agencies. I also coordinate recruitment at secondary schools and I deal with any current matters concerning recruitment.
In terms of marketing, I manage internal news, update information on the website and coordinate activities related to marketing. I organize school events, such as the Opening Days, preparations for educational fairs, preparatory courses, WeCanCode and other events.
What do you like best about your job? What is the most important factor in relation to students?
I like challenges, flexibility and new things. My workload is really varied and I like just everything about it. When dealing with students, I believe that helpful and nice approach always leads to better results. Students sense it and they won’t be afraid to come again.
How about those who consider studying at Unicorn college?
My aim – but not only mine – is to attract the highest possible number of candidates that become our students. We are a small school and therefore we can maintain individual approach to each of our students and provide them with special care. We try to get candidates engaged into the university environment even before the beginning of their university studies, for example by organizing various events, such as the weekend academy called WeCanCode, UCL Day, Hour of Code etc. They can meet our teachers and their potential classmates. This makes their start much easier as they later come to a known environment.
Personally, I want to focus on finding more ways to make the study at Unicorn College, as well as the time spent outside the classrooms, more enjoyable to our students.