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Gaudeamus 2018 - Student´s Barometer Expectations

The Gaudeamus fare traditionally takes place in the last week of January. It is not just a large event for students where they can compare the offer of dozens of universities at one place. Gaudeamus also tends to be a kind of a barometer of students' inclinations and expectations. Unicorn College could not miss this opportunity, of course.
What were this year's students at Gaudeamus like? What were they interested in? How different were they from students in the previous years?
Let's start by what actually doesn't change, which is the question about mathematics. Is it really that difficult? When we say a few words in reaction to this enquiry, explaining our approach, the candidates usually calm down and contrary to the beginning, some of them start to look forward to the subject.
The growing interest of female students in the IT field represents a longer trend that we've been aware of for some time already, along with a generally deeper preparedness and more specific questions of candidates. It's interesting how many particular questions students ask. Apart from traditional topics, they enquire about tuition, scholarship, admission, or organization of the study.
This year's novelty? Even deeper questions. That pleased us as it means that future students come ready and interested in what makes Unicorn College special.
One area of questions concerned programming. The technology, principles, extend, and other related information which is actually no surprise. What we teach is also used by more than 2,000 co-workers of Unicorn and the same technology and principles give ground to development orders worth billions of CZK every year only in Unicorn.
Another area of the novelty questions were opportunities to join real projects. The questions did not only concern the traditionally attractive activities for CERN this time. More and more students get interested in opportunities to join projects with some potential in the Czech Republic; projects which allow solving the technical part (programming) as well as business and management areas and trying out economic thinking on rentability and on new products and services.
The large number of visitors at our stall at Gaudeamus was one of the proofs of the success of the event and we wish all our future students good luck with the choice of their university study.
Finally, we'd also like to thank our current students, Marek Vamberský and Stanislav Toman, who helped with the communication with the students, organizational arrangements and who shared their own real impressions from the study.