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04. 12. 2018
Within the subject of Marketing, our students visited the Prague agency BrainOne last week. They have the opportunity to learn more about the unique philosophy of the company as well as concrete case studies directly from one of the 3 founders of this agency.
27. 11. 2018
The conference took place on the premises of Prague Conservatoire at Dvořákovo nábřeží with over 330 attending participants. They learned news from the world of DevOps. The presenters dealt with the use of DevOps in project teams, their development in the cloud world or the possibility of connecting DevOps with augmented reality.
22. 11. 2018
For the second consecutive year, Unicorn College is expanding its partnership and recruiting efforts on the Eastern shores! Azerbaijan, China and Korea were on the roadmap.
19. 11. 2018
Are you undergoing the process of choosing what university to study? Do you need to take a close look in order to do maximum for your decision? Would you like to succeed in your job and gain valuable experience during the study? Or supplement and broaden your knowledge, e.g. in the part-time form of study and gain everything necessary for your current and future employment?
13. 11. 2018
In the time of 100th anniversary of founding the common state of Czechs and Slovaks, a group of Unicorn College students and workers set off for a joint trip to Vyšehrad, a National Cultural Sight. This legendary and mythological place is closely connected to the beginning of the existence of the Czech nation.
31. 10. 2018
We attended the electronics fair at the IDEON exhibition centre in Pardubice. We were present for whole 3 days and welcomed dozens of visitors at our stand.
30. 10. 2018
On Monday 8th October, students got the opportunity to attend a highly interesting lecture on Big Data Analytics held in cooperation with colleagues from KPMG. Read more about the lecture.
25. 10. 2018
Jakub Krýsl is another Unicorn College student who cooperates with us on a number of important projects. Jakub primarily co-works with the IT Department and deals with mock-up design and app development. Read about Jakub and his important role at Unicorn College.
16. 10. 2018
David Rudolf, a secondary school student, participated in the IoT Summer Camp. David took the opportunity to try the development of an app for the famous HoloLens glasses under the supervision of the Head of the IT Department. Due to this, he learned new programming languages and gained the opportunity to visit a partner VR studio. Read about David and his impressions of the Camp!
08. 10. 2018
Ondřej Štarha was one of three students who participated in the 3D printer workshop a short time ago. Despite minor complications, they managed to assemble the whole printer and subsequently put it into operation. Read about Ondřej’s impressions from the workshop and his plans in terms of 3D print.
01. 10. 2018
Lisa-Marie is our first double-degree student from the FH-Würzburg. After one year in her home University, Lisa came a whole year to Unicorn College in Prague. By the end of her International Management studies, she will receive two accredited Bachelor degrees, one from Germany and another one from the Czech Republic. Now in her 3rd year of studies, Lisa tells us about the double-diploma experience and about her year in Prague.
25. 09. 2018
On Monday Sept. 24, a week before the semester starts, Unicorn College was busy with the enrolment of new students. Among them were a group of international students discovering the university. Coming from various countries, they will study in different programs: IT, ICT project management, and Economic & Management.
17. 09. 2018
Unicorn College workers comprise not only full-time teachers, student coordinators or administrative workers. Some of our students belong among the school's employees as well. David Král is one of such students. He has recently established a form of cooperation with colleagues from the marketing department. The following text brings you more information about David, his view of the study and work at Unicorn College.
14. 09. 2018
Unicorn College was among the selected Czech Universities to be invited in Prague to a round table organised by the Czech-China Educational Exchange Association (CCEEA), a non-profit organisation fostering cooperation between the two countries.
10. 09. 2018
We haven’t languished in our traditional efforts and we organized a whole range of special lectures for secondary schools. As each year, the lectures focused on interesting topics from IT and economics and were presented by our teachers. Altogether, we held 25 lectures at various vocational and grammar schools.
24. 08. 2018
The work at the position of an Education Operation Manager includes anything from ensuring the course of education, teacher and student support, examination planning to the organization of final state exams. Martina Křížová manages it all. The following lines reveal information about her and what her colleagues think of her.
17. 08. 2018
Results of the third annual Miráž Cup were announced on Wednesday, 20th June 2018. Pavel Bory, the guarantor of the contest again, announced the winner. However, he also prepared the assignments for the students. Tomáš Kroček, the head of the Department of Information Technologies, considered the whole event successful and appreciates the attendance and the level of engagement of all contestants. Let's read something about the third Miráž Cup winner, David Dostál's view of the event.
13. 08. 2018
It is no secret that Unicorn College has ambitions to become an international school.  Recently, we have welcomed a delegation from Tongwon University, a prominent private university in South Korea.
06. 08. 2018
At Unicorn College, you can meet people who are not only 100% teachers. Zuzana Boháčková clearly proves this. She likes variety and lets nothing stop her. Tune in to her positive energy by means of this article about Zuzana.
30. 07. 2018
One of the main motives for organizing an event called the Alza Day was to broaden the students' insight into the practise and operation of successful Czech companies.
25. 07. 2018
The Unicorn College team (comprising Eugen Proshek, Ondřej Novák and Lukáš Valach) participated in the 1st Šariš hackathon in Prešov between 18th and 20th May. The hackathon focused on the use of open data that cities publish on their websites.
23. 07. 2018
On Friday, 29th June 2018, the graduation ceremony of Unicorn College graduates took place in the Bethlehem Chapel. This great event concluded the 2017/2018 academic year and we’d like to outline what this year’s ceremony looked like.
19. 07. 2018
Imagine a day when you wake up with an idea for something new. You sit down to a computer, start modelling and after some time you print out a prototype of the given thing on your personal 3D printer. Is this distant or near future? And is it that easy at all?
17. 07. 2018
In cooperation with Unicorn Systems, Unicorn College prepared an event full of experiences for students at the Duhovka grammar school. The event took place on 15th June in the main seat of Unicorn and hosted 40 thrilled students.
10. 07. 2018
It has become a pleasant tradition that Unicorn College organizes a trip for its students, their family members, friends and other colleagues to various interesting places in the Czech Republic. This time, the group from Unicorn College headed for Kutná Hora.
13. 06. 2018
Under the subject of the World Economy, the students attended two debates at the UN and EU Representation in Prague. How the excursions were going and what new knowledge the students learned they read in the following lines.
12. 06. 2018
Working on an attractive project for a huge international organisation during one’s study is surely interesting. But spending a week at CERN with doc. Vacek as a guide, viewing the whole premises, Genève, Mont Blanc, meeting lots of interesting people and celebrating one’s birthday – that’s an experience of a whole different level. Read about the ITk Upgrade Week from the point of view of Jan Bárta.
06. 06. 2018
The largest education fair in Ukraine. In a country with which we're bound by some of our current students, 2 Unicorn development centres and a lot of positive experience from our past participations in this event. Unicorn College would not miss this great fair.
31. 05. 2018
An afternoon full of attractive and funny presentations, good food and interesting facts the countries our international students are from, called the International dinner!
Bez nazvu.jpg
30. 05. 2018
On 27 April 2018, the Unicorn College Open Conference was held for the eleventh time. The Conference focused on Industry 4.0. Visitors could look forward to interesting presentations by experts, who spoke about concepts such as autonomous and collaborative robots, the Internet of Things, Edge technology, advanced automation, the digital twin, broad and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and many others.
17. 05. 2018
Unicorn College was very glad to welcome on the 16.05.2018 a delegation of Ukrainian students stopping over in Prague during their European trip. The group of 20 members of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy arrived from a visit of Bruxelles and were on their way to Vienna before going back to Kyiv.
09. 05. 2018
Unicorn College consists of four study fields and loads of minor or major activities around. The upcoming Unicorn College Open conference represents one of them. However, there are even activities that explain the IT world to those who do not study a university yet. We regularly hold lectures at secondary schools and pass knowledge within our WeCanCode weekend programming academy. One of our co-operators participating in these activities is Libor Švejda. Here, you’re getting an opportunity to read a few lines about him.
09. 04. 2018
You’ve probably already read about the ITk Production Database project for CERN. A complex project that spans over many years with data accessible for tens of years requires – among other things – precisely kept documentation, understandably in English. Producing the translation of the documentation in the uuBookKit platform is one of our student projects.
03. 04. 2018
The study department is the heart and soul of each university. Students visit the study department to solve their troubles, consult their ideas and raise questions. From our own university studies, many of us remember the almost permanently closed doors, reserved looks and the feeling of being unwelcome. Unicorn College has Patrícia Kolmanová and nothing of the above mentioned applies to its Study Department. Don’t believe it? Then read about what opinions Patrícia has and the amount of energy she puts into her job of the Head of the Study Department.
28. 03. 2018
People at Unicorn College, these are not only students and teachers. We gladly cooperate with external co-workers and consultants on various expert activities. These co-workers can bring a high level of expertise as well as connection with real-life experience. Lukáš Bajer is one of them, an analyst at Unicorn and a PLC system specialist.
27. 03. 2018
Jan Bárta, a student of ours, participates in the prestigious long-term project of designing production database for CERN. As he’s been engaged in the project for some time already, we asked him a few questions.
15. 03. 2018
#UCLday is a traditional half-day event organized by Unicorn College for university and secondary school students, their parents, friends as well as anyone interested from the public. The event took place in two blocks, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The day offered visitors lectures on IT and economic topics, tests of IT skills in interactive labs and first-hand experience with technological gadgets, robots and virtual reality.
13. 03. 2018
At the end of January, Unicorn College was honoured to welcome Dr Daniele Paragano from our partner Niccolò Cusano – Telematica University in Rome, Italy.
06. 03. 2018
The Gaudeamus fare traditionally takes place in the last week of January. It is not just a large event for students where they can compare the offer of dozens of universities at one place. Gaudeamus also tends to be a kind of a barometer of students' inclinations and expectations. Unicorn College could not miss this opportunity, of course.
27. 02. 2018
Have you ever visited any of the Unicorn College Open conferences? Did you enjoy the privilege of attending more than 10 papers running smoothly with practical demonstrations, intertwined by breaks for refreshment? Have you ever thought about what it takes to get such a result? Follow us to the backstage as seen by the organizer and Managing Director of Unicorn College, Marek Beránek.
21. 02. 2018
We are not a nameless school. Each person you meet here has a story to tell, motivation and wishes… We decided to share some of these stories with you, the current and future students. Where else should we start than at the Study Department? Who else should we start with than somebody each one of you meets rather often? Read about Lan Anh Tran.
19. 02. 2018
Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are international field exams at the first-year level of an American university, valid worldwide. The exams are organized by the American College Board every May and more than two million of students from the whole world take them. Universities all around the world recognize the AP exams in their admission.
08. 02. 2018
How does one join a prestigious international project? How does one get to cooperate with students from Oxford or Cambridge? How does one get signed under the credibility of results arising from the biggest discoveries of physics? Read about the inspirational opportunity for all Unicorn College students!
01. 02. 2018
On 26thand 27thOctober, a workshop was held at University of Oxford focused on the progress of work on the project of the Product database (PD) for the new internal detector in the ATLAS internal detector experiment that is going to be implemented as substitute for the current internal detector operating within the large hadron collider at CERN. Unicorn College was represented by Marek Beránek, Vladimír Kovář, Lukáš Sýkora and Václav Vacek.
22. 01. 2018
On Tuesday, 19th December, the results of the second year of Miráž Cup were announced. What’s the winner, Lucie Dvořáčková’s assessment?
17. 01. 2018
The Unicorn College Open 2017 on 3rd November became the 10th conference of the name and dealt with the creation of user interface, the so-called front-end. Participants got an opportunity to attend lots of papers focusing on the right techniques and approaches of User Experience (UX), on the creation of responsive web apps as well as demonstrations of extended, virtual or mixed reality.
10. 01. 2018
Returning back to school as a student after more than 20 years; to study a field at a school I don’t necessarily need for my work and in a situation when no employer, the state of the market or other circumstances force me to do so. My decision triggers a lot of reactions among my friends, ranging from “wow, you’re really good” to “you’re totally crazy”.