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17. 01. 2019
The fourth Miráž Cup, a programmers’ contest, took place in December 2018. Unicorn College students compared their programming skills when solving complicated programming assignments. What is the view of the fourth Miráž Cup by its winner, Radek Rous?
07. 01. 2019
Our students attended a court proceeding on 20th November 2018 as part of the Law 2 course. Thus, they could see in reality what prosecution, or the defence of an accused person look like, as well as passing a sentence.
03. 01. 2019
Are you undergoing the process of choosing what university to study? Do you need to take a close look in order to do maximum for your decision? Would you like to succeed in your job and gain valuable experience during the study? Or supplement and broaden your knowledge, e.g. in the part-time form of study and gain everything necessary for your current and future employment?
19. 12. 2018
Unicorn College supports education of the widest public. The weekend WeCanCode Academy represents a convenient opportunity to learn more about technical fields without unnecessary worries.
14. 12. 2018
Unicorn College does not focus only on its four bachelor programmes. We actively draw interest to programming among those who are in the process of deciding which direction their studies should take. Libor Švejda is one of our lecturers participating in such efforts. Read more on Libor’s perspective of the Unicorn College educational activities for talented secondary school students!