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13. 10. 2017
Tomáš Kroček is no newcomer to Unicorn College. However, he is the new Head of the IT Department. Where does he see potential, what does he want to achieve and what can students look forward to? He disclosed all this in our recent interview.
21. 09. 2017
The cooperation between Unicorn College and CERN is no secret. Moreover, it represents more than just a distant collaboration. Last week, students – along with our colleagues – had an opportunity to visit CERN personally. What impressions did they bring back home? Patrícia Kolmanová, the Head of the Study Department, shared her experiences with us.
14. 09. 2017
The new academic year is going to see not only new students in their first year at Unicorn College but also a new Head of the Department of Economics and Management, Jana Brhelová. In the following interview, she reveals the reason why she chose Unicorn College and what she is looking for.
07. 09. 2017
Unicorn College, along with the newly-founded Unicorn Research Center, offers students to participate in science-research projects. We are currently offering activities related to the development of IoT applications. The work is directed from the "hobby" level (Raspberry Pi, Arduino) through semi-professional solutions (BigClown) to professional applications (PLC in collaboration with Teco).
06. 09. 2017
Unicorn College has signed a double degree agreement with partner FHWS Würzburg. For our students, this step means the possibility of obtaining a bachelor's degree from both Unicorn College and German FHWS Würzburg (in the International Management program).
28. 08. 2017
The doors will open for you on Thursday September 7th, 2017 from 9:00 to 18:00. We will happily reveal more about the individual fields of study, study forms and activities in which you can participate at school or where can you travel with our help for an internship abroad. You will be able to talk directly to the Director of Unicorn College, Marek Beránek, the head of the Department of Information Technology and representatives of the Department of Economics and Management.
08. 08. 2017
Algorithmisation. Programming. Conditions, variables, cycles… Many people consider these expressions so foreign that they might as well be from a different world. Although this should not happen to our students, we keep looking for methods to simplify the way to programming and open it to the widest public.
08. 08. 2017
On Friday, 30th June 2017, the graduation ceremony of Unicorn College graduates took place in the Bethlehem Chapel. This great event concluded the 2016/2017 academic year and we’d like to outline what this year’s ceremony looked like.
17. 07. 2017
Like each year, the time for admissions has come. At Unicorn College, admissions take the form of interviews. Why a personal interview, what a candidate can expect during the interview, what do candidates fear? Marek Beránek, the Managing Director of Unicorn College, answers these questions in the following text.
11. 07. 2017
On Wednesday 20 June Miráž Cup took place at Unicorn College. Competition guarantor Pavel Bory was very pleased with the excellent performances of the contestants, especially those in the first places. And how does Ondřej Urban, the winner of the first year, see and evaluate the whole Miráž Cup?
Miráž Cup
11. 07. 2017
In the first half of June, the first year of the programming contest Miráž Cup took place at Unicorn College. The name is a memory of our deceased colleague, Mirek Ždárský, who was not called otherwise than Miráž. The guarantor of the entire competition is Pavel Bory, who is not only a graduate and a key pedagogue of Unicorn College, but he also works as a programmer at Unicorn. Also Vigour participated in the contest by helping to secure it and providing the prizes.
Management workshop
04. 07. 2017
In the past days, all first year students participated in a one-day Workshop within their Management course. The Workshop is deliberately written with a capital “W” which actually signifies its importance. The Workshop represents a substantial event for our students as this is the first of its kind that students attend during their study at Unicorn College.
04. 07. 2017
These days, a lot of universities offer students interesting opportunities to better their study and gain a competitive advantage during the study itself. These opportunities include various forms of study exchanges abroad or cooperation on attractive projects.
04. 07. 2017
Here is the interview of Oleksandr, one of our full time students at UCL.
Double degree
08. 06. 2017
Unicorn College enjoys a fruitful and stable cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) located in Bavaria. The FHWS became the first Erasmus partner of Unicorn College in 2010, and our collaboration has been strong ever since.
Vráťa Kalenda_EN.png
24. 05. 2017
"If you want to get work experience from the beginning, Unicorn College is the right choice." Do you know those words from somewhere? This is what one of our many successful graduates, Vráťa Kalenda, said about our school, which you may have heard from videos on our website.
 Geoinformatics Conference
24. 05. 2017
The main topic of the 9th Unicorn College Open was Geoinformatics. It took place at the Prague Conservatory on the Dvořák embankment on April 21. Current events, visions of the future, and possible pitfalls, were looked at through the eyes of those who make up the geoinformatics platforms, or which geoinformatics has made a significant contribution already.
12. 05. 2017
MyHome – a student project and an interesting application of IoT solution in practice. How are we doing after a few more months of work? What is Jakub Kubaščík working on right now? And what should you do if you want to work on his team? Accept our invitation and join the new myHome blog.
11. 05. 2017
Sometimes it is said that the spontaneity of the moment and the sense of whether or not the relationship to a particular place leads people to the best decisions. I would like to describe my last spring experience, which was to go to Erasmus to Finland. I will try to summarize my experience, and perhaps inspire or motivate someone to make the same decisions.