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School Management

doc. Ing. Jan Čadil, Ph.D.

Jan Čadil graduated from Regional Governance and Public Administration at the Prague University of Economics, where he also taught after completing his studies. He has also worked as a lecturer in the field of economics at a number of other universities (Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Technical University, University of Finance and Administration). He has been at Unicorn College from the very beginning, first as the head of the Department of Economics and Management, later as Vice-President of Pedagogy and also as president. He found his way to Unicorn College through his inexhaustible zest for doing things differently, in a modern and novel manner and, most importantly, independently of established bureaucratic conventions. When he is not working, he plays chess, does yoga or plays the Warhammer game.

Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph.D.
Managing Director

A graduate of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Hradec Králové, Marek Beránek tied his life to Unicorn at the beginning of his career when he worked at Vigour, a part of the Unicorn Group. In 2007, he became the managing director of Unicorn College, and since 2012 he has also been the Vice-President of Unicorn Education. As an expert on process and project management, he monitors the quality and efficiency of teaching. He has also authored a number of professional publications on the topic of management of educational institutions and virtualisation of teaching.

doc. Ing. Václav Vacek, CSc.
Vice-president of Research and Foreign Cooperation

Václav Vacek graduated from the Czech Technical University, where he specialised in the field of energy systems and in simulating the transfer of heat and matter. He also completed a number of foreign scientific fellowships, including at Kyoto University, Cornell University and Texas A&M University. Among other things, he also works at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

prof. Ing. Jiří Kleibl, CSc.
Vice-president of Quality Control

Jiří Kleibl graduated from the Prague University of Economics, where he was also a staff member of the Department of Human Resources Management. He is an expert on motivational and salary systems. In the years 2000-2006, he held the position of Dean of the Faculty of National Economy at the Prague University of Economics. He is also a member of the Interagency Commission with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic for research into the value of work, and a member of the Presidium of the Czech Association for Development of Human Resources.

Ing. Ludmila Petkovová, Ph.D.
Vice-president of Pedagogy

Ludmila Petkovová graduated from the Department of Economic Statistics at the Prague University of Economics. She has previously worked at SCIO and the Czech Environmental Information Agency before starting at Unicorn College in 2012.