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Unicorn College Open

In the spring and autumn we organise regular one-day Unicorn College Open conferences, which deal with the key fields taught at the Unicorn College – management, economics and information technologies – and are intended for both our students and the general public.
26.4. 2013
Conference about optimalization of communication between the professional departments in company, especially between business department and IT.
8.11. 2013
Conference about possibilities and benefits of using mobile applications in corporate environment.
11.4. 2014
Conference about how to use cloud applications in corporate environment effectively.
5.11. 2014
Conference about integration of working processes and software applications in companies and organisations.
24.4. 2015
Conference about necessity of systematic data maintenance and analysis in business.
6.11. 2015
Conference about saving and security of data.
22.4. 2016
Conference about latest trends and inovations in e-commerce.