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June, 11 2019

Admission Interviews

June, 13 2019

Open Day

June, 20 2019

Admission Interviews

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The course aims at providing students with essential knowledge of management. As management is mainly a practical field, the theoretical lectures are enriched with lectures by leading workers at various corporations (mainly Unicorn and partners). The workshop focuses on team solutions of projects.

What are you going to learn

1.     Introduction to management.Management. Managers. Organization. Internal environment of an organization. External environment of an organization. Management functions.
2.     Planning. Plan. Planning. Goals. Activities. Resources. Schedules. Strategic planning. The principle of navigational changes.
3.     Organizing and organizational structure.Organizing, Management span. Organizational forma. Centralizing. Decentralizing. Organizational structure. Mechanic and organic formation of organizational structure.
4.     Strategy. Strategy. Strategic planning. Strategic management. SWOT analysis. Competitive advantage. Segment. Company processes.
5.     Budget. Strategy. Vision. Goals. Budget. Revenue. Expenditures. Fixed expenditures. Variable expenditures.
6.     Implementation, management, organizational identity.Implementation. Motivation. Influencing. Leadership. Coordination.
7.     Audit. Internal audit. External audit. Assessment criteria.
8.     A manager’s profile. A manager’s personality. Core functions of a manager’s job. General principles of a manager’s job. A manager’s work style. Motivation. Setting goals. Self-management. Team management.
9.     Decisions. Decision-making. The structure of a decision-making process. Decision-making models. Good and bad decision-making.
10.  Supervision and controlling.Controlling. The purpose of controlling. The controlling system of an organization.
11.  Management typology. HR management. An HR manager. Financial management. Quality management.
12.  Communication and presentation skills. Presentation techniques and skills. Rules for preparing a presentation. Voice control. Body language. Presentation errors.